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Halloween Food Allergy Party Tips

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With the current rate of food allergies and celiac disease in the US, there is a good chance there is a dietary restriction many classrooms today. Often times dietary restrictions can cause confusion, concern and often times stress for all parents involved.

Here are some tips for navigating classrooms parties as a parent (any parent), when your child’s class has a dietary restriction of any type.

  1. Volunteer to be the room mom or dad. If you can’t commit that time, volunteer to be the assistant or captain of a certain party. This helps you to see what is being planned and you can give your input to help keep the party choices safe for all kids involved.
  2. Know the food restrictions. There are issues with privacy, but the teacher should be able to indicate to you what the allergens are that you need to avoid. Knowing and understanding this information is key to a successful and safe party.
  3. Avoid food treats. It seems that everything is celebrated with food these days! Flip the script and suggest non-food activities and non-food trinkets to celebrate with.
  4. Try pre-packaged foods. If you’d like to include food into the celebrations suggest pre-packaged foods that are allergy-friendly instead of having a parent bake something at home. The power of suggestion goes a long way. Share the food labels with the parents and share how you plan to keep away any possible cross contamination.
  5. Clean! This should go without saying, but it is important to clean all table surfaces that you will be working on during the party. Whether, you are doing a craft or eating a food, it is best to start with a fresh clean surface.

Bonus Tip: If you are a room parent of a kid that doesn’t have restrictions and you are reading this article…KUDOS to you for working to make a safe party for all kids! If you aren’t sure about something, whether it is a food ingredient or a craft ingredient, ask the teacher if you can connect with the parent of the child with dietary restrictions. Chances are the parent will be so glad you contacted them and may be able to offer insight to any questions you have! With a little research and preparation, you can easily have a successful, fun and SAFE party at school! Happy Fall and Happy Halloween!

HEY, PARENTS! Print off this fun Halloween coloring page for your kids to have a spooky good time!

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