We are passionate about making the best gluten-free bread there is and it all starts with quality. if we didn’t rise to the occasion, we want to hear about it and make it right.

Canyon's Three Slice Promise
Honest Quality

From day one, our mission is to bring you gluten-free goods baked to the highest quality. From weekday breakfasts to family gatherings, we know our lineup needs to go the distance. We won’t leave you hanging with a product that doesn’t meet our high standards.

Best Taste & Texture

We promise to bake wholesome gluten-free breads that have the taste and texture of “real” bread. Never will you feel like you’re missing out!

Safety & Trust

We'll never compromise to offer a lineup of gluten-free breads, bagels and buns that you can trust. All of our products are baked in a dedicated gluten-free facility and are also free from corn, soy, dairy, and nuts so you and your family can enjoy without hesitation!

Making bread without gluten is a skill and a science! Our bakers are far from ordinary – they’re superbakers! Our talented team knows there’s a lot involved in making gluten-free bread that tastes and feels like the real thing. This takes a commitment to innovation – in the way we bake our bread and do business. At the end of the day, our goal is to make each and every bite the best yet! Learn more about what goes into baking the best gluten-free bread from our team:

Popular Questions

● Why is baking gluten-free bread more difficult than traditional bread?

Like it or not, gluten is a very critical component of traditional bread. It has unique properties, unmatched in nature for its ability to be both extensible (stretch!) and elastic (pull!). This gives traditional bread its desired soft yet chewy characteristics. Recreating these traits without gluten becomes a complex process of using combinations of ingredients

● When you say you are a dedicated gluten free facility, what does that really mean?

Being gluten free is our #1 priority. Gluten can be sneaky and find its way into products by accident if you do not take the utmost precautions. By dedicating our bakery to gluten free, it means that we ONLY produce delicious gluten free items and no gluten containing ingredients are allowed in our bakery. This dramatically reduces the potential for contamination when compared to facilities that make both gluten containing and gluten free items in the same bakery. Our safeguards do not just stop at being a dedicated gluten free facility, we have extremely high standards when it comes to what ingredients we use and our internal processes. In fact, we are a certified gluten free bakery! This means that our processes and facility are audited and under watch by a 3rd party organization that specializes in gluten free.

● What are some of the ways you are making sure at Canyon products don’t contain any sort of gluten or other allergens?

All of our partner suppliers follow strict food safety measures to make sure we receive the quality that we require. Ingredient supply channels, physical testing, food safety programs, documentation, 3rd party audits and certifications, and on-site visits help ensure the material parameters are being met day in and day out by our suppliers. Once the ingredients arrive at our door, both the vehicle and material are once again inspected for quality so that any potential concerns can be identified and resolved BEFORE the ingredient ever enters the bakery. This includes turning whole shipments away for even minor infractions. After receiving our ingredients, the Teams apply their magic to make the wonderful Canyon Bakehouse items, evaluating quality characteristics throughout the process. Once the baked goods are packaged each lot produced goes through a final confirmation check to make sure they are gluten free. Although the federal standard for gluten free is below 20ppm, we follow a stricter guideline of under 10ppm, with a continuous goal of zero. Once the test is complete the breads, buns, bagels, muffins, and brownies are released for their journey that eventually leads them to kitchens all across the country!

● Not all gluten-free breads are the same. What makes Canyon different?

Here at Canyon Bakehouse we make sure that we start all of our ideas with a great tasting, nutritious end product in mind. Products that we are proud to feed to our own friends and families. Products that we know deliver on both ENJOYMENT and QUALITY. This leads us down the path of recognizable ingredients, firm standards of only using 100% whole grains, and no modified ingredients. Our bakers and scientists apply all their know-how to create recipes that deliver on these needs. We then pair this with unique baking techniques and custom equipment that is specially designed to handle the challenges of our recipes. We are unwavering with our approach, and not willing to sacrifice quality for an easier process. All this purposeful effort helps us create soft and moist Breads that can hold up to two handed sandwiches without crumbling, Bagels and English Muffins that toast up crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, Buns that are fluffy with just the right sweetness, and Brownies that are rich and worth every calorie!

● Sometimes my bread has a large hole in it, why does this happen?

It pains us greatly when we see holes in our breads. We know this is a big letdown to our consumers and we are deeply disappointed in ourselves when we see that you have spent your hard-earned money on a product that does not live up to expectation. The uniqueness of gluten free recipes and ingredients, as well as the complexity of the process, make it a difficult challenge. Gluten free baking is a relatively new process when looked at from the perspective of scientific research, so this means that there is not a great deal of historical information when it comes to understanding the alignment of ingredients, recipe, and process that result in the defect. Crumb voids are top quality challenge that our Teams face and a maintain a huge focus of much of our scientific research. In fact, many of our bakers and food scientists have ongoing projects that focus on understanding and correcting this issue.

Did We Miss the Mark?

If we haven’t delivered on our promise, we want to hear about it and we thank you for the opportunity to make it right! We take the time to respond to each consumer directly so we can truly understand your experience with our baked goods. We know there are enough challenges eating gluten-free and we work hard to make it easier for all of our fans.

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