Technique: Soft Scrambled Eggs

With so many ways to top your toast, elevating your breakfast can feel a little daunting. In addition to sharing a delicious recipe featuring baked goods by Canyon Bakehouse, we’re helping cooks on all levels discover a new technique while making a beautiful gluten-free breakfast at home. Here, we’ll provide an essential method for creating soft-scrambled eggs as part of a unique kitchen and dining experience that happens to be gluten-free!

  1. A simple first step is whisking the egg with a pinch of salt, until the whites and the yolks are completely incorporated. Not only does salt enhance the flavor, it begins tenderizing the proteins before the egg sets in the pan, which should be 8 inches wide and placed over medium-low heat with a small knob of butter in the bottom.
  2. Once the butter is melted with bubbles forming at the edges (but not boiling), it’s ready to incorporate the whisked egg. Be sure to direct a steady pour into the center of the melted butter, so the ingredients have a chance to combine and coat the bottom before reaching the sides of the pan. The lower temperature allows the cooking to begin slowly, so the egg doesn’t crisp on contact. Within 30 seconds, the egg will begin to set.
  3. Once the bottom is opaque and the top is still loose, use a wooden spoon to pull one side toward the center, and then another side, until the smooth, shiny surface is folded inside the egg.
  4. Swiftly remove the egg from the heat and the pan. Not to worry, the heat trapped inside the egg will steam it the rest of the way, creating a soft pillow of egg.

For a delicious adaptation, sprinkle a pinch of shredded cheddar cheese onto the surface of the egg, just before folding and placing on a toasted slice of Canyon Bakehouse bread. This alone may be the perfect breakfast, but the Smoked Salmon recipe is another scrumptious idea, not to be missed. Thank goodness, breakfast happens every day!

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