The easiest way to find gluten-free foods in the grocery store is to read the labels, which as you may already know, can unfortunately get tricky. Make sure you are familiar with how to navigate food labels for gluten-free consumers and don’t be afraid to reach out to manufacturers for clarification.

The second easiest way to choose tolerable foods is to select naturally gluten-free items like fresh fruits and veggies. Make this part of your shopping experience a little fun! Try to grab produce in a rainbow of colors to get a max amount of vitamins and nutrients, and try produce you’ve never tried before.

When it comes to packaged goods, many stores do have gluten-free-dedicated sets along with gluten-free items spread out throughout the store. The GF sets can be tricky to find, so just ask an employee if you can’t find it.

If you aren’t already familiar with which grains do or not contain gluten, check out this list of gluten filled grains vs gluten-free grains.

For more ideas of which GF items to buy, check out Amazon’s gluten-free page or this list of gluten-free products we love! There are a lot more fun, exciting gluten-free products out there than you might think!