Gluten Free Facebook Pages We Recommend Following

Gluten Free Facebook Pages We Recommend Following

Living gluten-free can often feel like an isolated lifestyle, and finding a gluten-free support group can be challenging at first. While in-person meetings and gatherings can be super helpful and encouraging, rest assured that digital support groups can be just as beneficial. You just need to find the groups that are right for you!


Gluten Intolerance Group
Join 34k others in following this group for gluten-free and celiac-related facts, tips and news.

Gluten Free Support Group of SW WA
Even if you don’t live in the Washington area, this page is great to follow for gluten-free dietary tips, local doctor recommendations and recipes.

Celiac Corner
This Page posts relevant articles featuring gluten-free tips and news.

Gluten-Free Palate
Gluten-free recipe master, Chrystal features incredible gluten-free recipes. Especially worth a follow if you have a sweet tooth and find yourself missing sweets when you go gluten-free!

Celiac and the Beast – Celiac Disease and Gluten Free Living
Follow for facts about gluten intolerances and celiac disease; current events and news; and even a little bit of humor.

Joining Facebook Groups
Search for groups, whether they are local or national, specific to your needs. If you’re a parent looking for ideas on how to make you child with celiac’s dieting easier, search for ‘parents of celiac kids’ then either search Pages to follow or Groups to join if you’re more interested in interacting with other parents. If you’re just looking for general support, search “celiac disease support groups,” then when you find a group that looks relevant, click +Join Group. These groups serve as a forum where you can ask questions, express concerns and get feedback, support or ideas from those in similar situations as you. Note that there may not be doctors or necessarily professionals responding to you in these groups, but rather everyday people who may have once been in the same position as you.

We’d love your feedback and thoughts on the groups mentioned above! Are there any other groups you’d recommend to others searching for celiac disease or gluten allergy or intolerance support?

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