You’ve made the decision to go gluten-free! We’re excited to help you transition smoothly and live deliciously. It’s hard to let go of the foods that have become standards for so many of us, even though we know we’re better off without them. Traditional breads, pastries, cookies and cakes are like old friends, much like fast food, pizza and beer! But, stay with us.

The feeling of wellness that comes with eating fewer processed foods and cooking with wholesome ingredients helps a lot to curb cravings. Below, we’ve assembled a list of simple gluten-free substitutions that can help keep meal planning on track during the transition. We hope you’ll devour every bite!

These substitutions are simple and intuitive once the items on the right stop making it into your shopping basket! Keep in mind, including lots of fresh produce in home-prepared meals (as opposed to eating out) may naturally replace glutenous foods, and leave you with a much more nutritive diet.

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