Celiac Awareness Month Free Downloads!


May is Celiac Awareness Month, which is all about raising awareness. Celiac disease is a condition that leaves nearly 3 million Americans at risk for serious health problems. Its symptoms are triggered by gluten, the protein found in grains such as wheat, barley, and rye. Currently, the only treatment is a strict gluten-free diet. This month’s focus gives the celiac community more opportunity to connect and learn from others. It’s also a great time for sharing safe and delicious gluten-free options!

An Introductory Guide to: Going Gluten Free

At Canyon Bakehouse, we’re excited to provide tools and useful guidance to help those who have made a commitment to living gluten-free. Not to mention, we love offering nutritious baked goods with only naturally gluten-free ingredients! If you’re new to a gluten-free lifestyle or building your knowledge, our free eBook guide, Going Gluten-Free, is a useful tool to increase your understanding and find support. Inside, we’ll cover the basics about gluten, celiac disease and other sensitives. We’ll also provide tips for reading labels, ideas for simple substitutions and a wholesome batch of recipes using Canyon Bakehouse products.



Going Beyond the GF Basics

Already transitioned to a gluten-free lifestyle? We’re prepared to help you go the distance! Our additional eBook, Beyond Gluten Free Basics includes insightful articles about navigating tough conversations and safely eating at social gatherings. With plenty of in-depth information and even more incredible recipes, we’ll support you on your way to living deliciously without gluten.



Need More Resources?

Eliminating gluten from your diet is a process, whether you’re new to a gluten-free lifestyle or jumping back in. Gain the confidence you need with tools, guidance, and community by visiting the resource libraries available from Beyond Celiac.