If you’re gluten free, you’ve probably been to a party or [twenty] where you’ve had to keep your paws off the delicious spread of food laid out before you. So what’s the secret to hosting (or attending) a party where everyone can indulge? We’ve laid out our top 5 tips for future party hosts:

Be Upfront With Questions

It’s OK to ask your guests what food restrictions they have before you plan out your party. In fact, they’ll probably appreciate it more than you know. And, it’s OK to ask deeper questions: Are you sensitive to cross-contamination? What kind of gluten-free bun/topping/spreads do you prefer? The more information you’re armed with, the better you can make their experience.

Ask Your Guests To Bring A Dish

Really, it’s not bad etiquette to ask your guests to bring something to pass. Of course this doesn’t mean they have to supply all the food for the party, but simple things like a tray of veggies, fruit, chips or their beverage of choice are simple ways to take the stress off your plate and put more food on theirs! Plus, any guests with food allergies can bring a dish that’s safe for them, providing them with at least one dish they’re able to eat!

Small Is Mighty

For people with highly-sensitive restrictions (celiac disease, nut allergies) the tiniest amount of cross-contamination can be dangerous. Regardless of the food allergy, the smartest thing you can do is clean your kitchen before preparing any food. Avoid wood surfaces and keep all cutting boards, knives and other utensils completely separate. Our best tip? Prepare the free-from foods first.

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple, Silly!

If you’re hosting someone and not familiar with their allergy concerns (i.e. celiac disease) start by making it easy for your guests to see exactly what they’re eating. Lay out a delicious tray of fruits and veggies – strawberries, blueberries, carrots – and find a gluten-free dip to place next to it. Keep it in the packaging so your guests can read the ingredient list for themselves and make sure it’s safe. They’ll appreciate that you made it simple and easy for them to check! The same goes for boxes of cookies or crackers – keep the box next to them so it’s easy to read the ingredients.

Pre-Made Foods Go A Long Way

There’s no need to reinvent the gluten-free wheel. In fact, there are so many gluten-free food options available entertaining can be a breeze. From packaged goods like cookies, brownies and bread (of course!), to grab-n-go options at the grocery store (Whole Foods, Sprouts and others have great meals available!), it’s easy to let others do the work for you!

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