Road Trippin- in Gluten-Free Style

Road Trippin- in Gluten-Free Style

By Jennifer Harris, Gluten Free Go-To Guide

It can be difficult to truly relax on vacation when there is no guarantee you will be able to find a safe gluten-free meal. Traveling gluten free requires a different set of skills than being gluten free at home with research and planning being the key. Start by searching for local support group/bloggers in the area because they are usually the best source for finding safe places to eat and shop. Also, contact the place you are staying to inquire about safe options there and in the area.

The best way to ensure you don’t get stuck in an airport, hotel room, or on a car trip without options is to pack gluten-free food in a carry-on bag. Pack those foods that are your favorite and will keep you full for an extended amount of time. Look for small and travel size options that don’t take up a lot of space when packing. Check out Minimus, a website that sells travel-sized food, and search through their gluten-free offerings.

Here are some great options for travel snacks:

  • Bread – Canyon Bakehouse’s Mountain White is at the top of my list. I can eat it plain, but top it with some nut butter and jelly or tuna to enjoy a hearty sandwich in minutes.
  • Bars – KIND Bar, Larabar, think Thin bars, and Simply Chopped bars are loaded with nuts and fruits and travel well.
  • Cereal – dried cereal (Chex) or granola (Hail Merry or Bakery on Main)
  • Chips/Crackers/Pretzels – Glutino or Sniders of Hanover pretzels, Food Should Taste Good chips, Crunchmaster crackers all work well.
  • Cookies – Dr. Lucy’s, Pamela’s Products, or Enjoy Life’s cookie two packs, Glenny’s Marshmallow treats, JJ’s Cocomels (regular and chocolate covered), Endangered Species chocolate bars (regular or crème filled), Yummy Earth lollipops.
  • Miscellaneous -dried fruit and nuts, fresh fruit (bananas, apples, grapes), packets of tuna (StarKist pouches), microwave popcorn (for the hotel), hard boiled eggs, and cheese and meat sticks.
  • Soup cups and mealsDr. McDougall’s soup cups are ready in minutes after adding water; St. Dalfour makes two ready-to-eat salads that are filling; Go Picnic makes a line of shelf-stable meals and snacks filled with individual sized items. These items are also available for sale on their website separately.  
  • Condiments are vital, so be sure to pack ketchup, honey, jelly, mayonnaise, nut butter, salad dressing, soy sauce, and salt/pepper. Don’t forget napkins, plastic utensils, and sealed plastic bags for leftovers and to keep snacks from going stale.

With a little planning and research, traveling while gluten free can lead to a successful, stress free, and yummy vacation. 


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