Celiac Awareness Month: Tips, Stories, & Advice From Gluten Free Bloggers

Celiac Awareness Month: Tips, Stories, & Advice From Gluten Free Bloggers

We've partnered with four amazing Celiac Disease bloggers from across the country in support of Celiac Awareness Month. Each blogger shares their own personal journey and advice for how they managed the transition to a gluten-free lifestyle. We hope you find inspiration from their stories and encourage you to share your own story on our Facebook page throughout May!  

Photo: Meet Jackie Aanonsen, graduate from Georgetown University and founder of Gluten Free Follow Methe guide to living gluten free.

What changes did you make to your diet and to your life after learning you had Celiac Disease?

A few years ago, I started to post about some of the gluten-free foods I was eating on Instagram. Surprisingly to me, my posts were met with great reception. People I had never met were asking me for more tips on gluten-free friendly eateries, products, and recipes, and I was more than happy to continue to make these discoveries. I was getting so many questions that I knew I needed to put all this information in one place rather than just Instagram. I taught myself how to make a website and how to code, and I launched www.glutenfreefollowme.com in September 2014! I wish I had something like Gluten Free Follow Me to guide me through my new gluten-free diet six years ago, but I’m glad I can be a guide for others now! Read more from Jackie: https://bit.ly/2w5mR6w

Photo: Meet Michelle Palin, a 30-something wife, mother of two boys, and founder of My Gluten-Free Kitchen.

You are an avid baker, what advice do you have for others who love baking and now have to do so gluten-free?

Be optimistic! You really can have gluten-free baked goods that taste as good as you remember! Aside from tricky yeast breads, gluten-free baking is pretty easy if you use a good quality gluten-free flour blend. Don’t be afraid to get in the kitchen and bake! Start by making your tried and true favorites with a gluten-free flour blend and a binder like xanthan gum and see how they turn out. Read more from Michelle: https://bit.ly/2HDl9P8

Photo: Meet Chrystal Carver, the creative mind behind Gluten Free Palate, a website that shares recipes and resources for gluten-free eaters and travelers.

What tips do you have for parents that are now managing a gluten-free household or supporting their kids who have Celiac? 

Plan ahead and be prepared! We plan our meals the week before and if we’re traveling we do some research in advance to find safe and delicious places to eat. If you have school aged children, you can keep a list of yummy lunchbox options on the fridge and let them pick out what they want for lunch each week so they feel involved and satisfied with their options. For birthday parties, school parties, or rainy days we keep a container of cupcakes ready in the freezer. Read more from Chrystal: https://bit.ly/2FxwSsV

Photo: Meet Lindsey Janerio, dietitian who wants you to feel your BEST by mindfully managing food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities and founder of Nutrition to Fit.

What kind of advice do you have for people who are first diagnosed with Celiac Disease?

When you are first diagnosed with Celiac disease, it is okay to feel whatever you're feeling. Some people feel completely relieved, because it means they have an answer and they know what they can do differently now (i.e. eliminate gluten). Some people hear "Celiac disease" and feel loss, like they've been given a life sentence. Some people fear the changes that will come for themselves, or even become fearful of what a Celiac diagnosis may mean for their children and entire family. Read more from Lindsey: https://bit.ly/2Fw2jni