What's for Dinner? Meal Planning Made Easy

What\'s for Dinner? Meal Planning Made Easy

If the hardest part of your day is deciding what to make for dinner, we’re one step ahead of you. We’re making it easy to plan for dinner without the chaos and stress, with recipes everyone will love!

First things first, the appetizer. Of course you need something to snack on while you cook! This Alpine Cheese Fondue is a delicious savory snack that pairs great with cubed Focaccia bread. Light and easy to make, it’s a great teaser for your main course!

Now onto the main course. They say opposites attract and that is why a bowl of hot Creamy Tomato Soup with Cayenne Croutons with a side of a cool Pomegranate Crouton Salad will leave you satisfied yet full. Trust us, you will be so happy you stayed in and enjoyed a homemade gluten-free meal!

There is always room for dessert and the best part of the Raspberry Mocha Mousse Brownie Bite Trifle is… it’s custom made! Don’t like raspberries? Swap for strawberries. Your dinner companion loves peanut better? Add an extra dollop to their glass. This dessert has something for every taste bud and is the perfect way to end your night.    

Looking for more ideas? Check out our recipe page for lots of ideas and inspiration! https://canyonglutenfree.com/recipes/