About Canyon Bakehouse

Gluten-Free.  Taste Perfected.

Canyon Bakehouse is a dedicated gluten-free bakery located in Loveland, Colorado.  We recognize the need for great-tasting, gluten-free products that combine great flavor with soft texture and healthy ingredients.

Canyon Bakehouse opened for business in November 2009, making gluten free bread for the Rocky Mountain Region of Whole Foods.  We have experienced fast growth as the word has spread about our delicious and nutritious breads.  We are now available across the country in over 1,000 stores.

Our mission at Canyon Bakehouse is to create Delicious and Nutritious Gluten-Free Breads that the Whole Family will enjoy.  Our unique varieties have been specifically created to bring the distinctive flavor and texture of "regular" bread to those adhering to a gluten free diet. 

Christi Skow - Spokesperson, Co-owner with her husband Josh

Diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2007, Christi appreciates quality gluten free foods that are delicious and healthy. She no longer sees Celiac Disease as something that limits her, instead viewing it as a healthier way to eat and live. Not surprisingly, Christi loves Canyon Bakehouse products, and hopes you will too!

Christi is always eager to hear feedback, recipe ideas, and more from all of our valued customers. Please free to follow her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/gfbakehouse


Ed Miknevicius - Master Baker, Co-owner - "The idea for our products was born in fall 2008 when my friend Josh and I sat in a small Colorado café near the Flat Top Wilderness Area discussing the lack of good tasting and healthy gluten free breads. At that point we set out to create gluten free bakery products that tasted good, were healthy, and had the same texture as regular bread. The mission of Canyon Bakehouse was born, to “create delicious and nutritious gluten free products the whole family can enjoy”. For me, baking is a passion, and it's my life's work. I am honored to be able to create delicious and healthy baked goods for people who aren't able to eat gluten. Having those people like the products is a feeling that can't be described. Thank you for trying our products and we hope you enjoy them!"